SAYN Membership

One of the main benefits of becoming a SAYN member is to be able to connect and interact with other junior colleagues from across Switzerland. The exchange of ideas and experience across language borders fosters your personal and professional development.


As an individual, you are able to contribute to further improving the Swiss curriculum for neurology If you aim for an FMH specialization in neurology, the SAYN gladly provides you with information and guidance with respect to the FMH specialization in neurology, and helps to create contacts. You are also more than welcome to contribute to further improving the clinical and academic development of Young Neurologists in Switzerland.



Specific member benefits

Young Neurologist members benefit from the following special conditions:


  • reduced FMH exam fee (membership over at least 2 years): 1500.- vs. 2250.-
  • reduced fee towards participation at the Academy of Young Neurologists, 200/400 vs. 300/550, 240/440 vs. 350/600
  • 50% reduction of  registration fee for Annual Meeting of the Swiss Neurological Society
  • Every new full SNS member who has been a member of SAYN for at least two years is exempted from the membership fee as a full member for the first two years of his SNS membership and continues to pay the membership fee of SAYN for the first two years. This requires that the SAYN membership is converted from specialist to full membership within the first three months after obtaining the title of specialist.

  • priority for junior places at the Sponsorpool
  • Access to the SAYN Teaching Course
  • SAYNlet for free


How to join

You are eligible for a Young Neurologist membership if you are a resident or fellow within the aim to obtain an FMH title in neurology, including residents working in internal medicine or another discipline and medical students. Your department head has to confirm your status by co-signing your completed membership application form that should be submitted along with a short CV.


There is no age limit but Young Neurologist membership ends 12 months after completion of the FMH neurology. The annual membership fee is CHF 100.